It Takes a Virus

In addition to fear and isolation, the coronavirus is also revealing love and unity.

Click here if you are unable to view this video.

It takes a virus….
To call and check on my mother every day
To appreciate stocked shelves in the supermarket
To download and learn how to use Zoom
To push my child on a swing in the middle of the day
To assess how I am using my time
To play backgammon with my wife
To feel that regardless of race and religion we are all truly connected
To be home with my family all week
To tackle the worst closet in my house
It takes a virus to…
Check in on a neighbor
To shop for a stranger
To respect and protect the elderly
To reflect on what I need to work on to improve my character
To know in my bones that God really does run the world
To spend more time learning Torah
To reach out to someone I haven’t contacted in a long time
To go for a drive for the drive itself
To finish a book
To cook something I’ve never made before
To take an early morning run for the first time in 25 years
It takes a virus to simplify our complicated lives and show us what is really important.
Are you testing positive?

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