Mărturia fetei mele

Sarah este fata noastră cea mică. M-am îngrijorat o vreme despre cum va trece prin zilele acestea, mai ales după nașterea fetiței lor. M-am liniștit. Totul este bine în dreptul lor.


I thought this was a joke at first…

Don’t forget to make a POSITIVES list when you think/talk about the Effects of quarantine.
We have an awesome God who gives us more than we need and deserve at ALL TIMES.
Don’t stop making every effort to enjoy your spouse, kids, pets, sunshine/rainy days… Focus on the good and blur out the bad.
We are not forsaken and in times where there are so many unanswered questions surrounding big things in our lives such as taxes, salary, jobs be patient with yourself and read a few Bible verses about faith.

There’s no reason to be in a state of panic for those who believe in God.
It’s okay if we don’t have all the answers.

A few days ago someone told me they are glad they don’t have a newborn at home because they would be going crazy with worry and fear. This left an impression on me.
For Marius and I; we thought we knew what love and happiness we’re up until 4 weeks ago…
Now our hearts are exploding Everytime we look at Elliana.
I forget about the quarantine sometimes because I am so in love with her.

Marius has no sense of time as he starts singing to her at 2 am and playing with her during 5 am diaper change.
She is a source of happiness, excitement, peace and hope to our family.

Why would we want to focus on all of the scary things out there? There’s an intimate amount of unknowns that would drive us crazy if we gave them our time.
We have a choice.
Everyone has a choice.

Gauge the friends you talk to and have longer conversations with the ones who make you laugh and smile as you hang up the phone.

Don’t feed the fear by allowing someone else’s panic to infest in you.

Play those worship songs out loud for the whole family to hear.

Please make lists of all the things you have to be thankful for.

We have a choice.

Now is an awesome time to choose Faith Hope and Love.
Live out salvation and make sure people can tell you believe in God. Everyone is watching each other, reading and listening to whoever writes on news & media.

What a special time to live for Christ and show what true love is.

Whenever you want to complain about something, balance it out with something you’re thankful for.

This isolation would be dreadful without kids to love you infinitely and keep you busy and productive.

Whatever situation you find yourself in… The positives outweigh the negatives.

Thank you God for this extra paternity leave for Marius. He has no excuse to need more sleep than I do 🤣
He is so positive and so in love with the baby that it spills over on me.
My family is a huge blessing.

Having my sister here has been amazing!!!
Elliana is like a hot air balloon that takes me to new heights of love and helps me rise above current events and live on all the clouds; not just #9.

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