Notițe de la o conferință biblică – Sacramento 2020

Mulțumim lui Marius Lucan pentru că ne-a pus la dispoziție notițele luate la această conferință.

Pastoral conference 1.18.2020 at “Grace” Romanian Baptist Church of Sacramento, California – 1/18/2020

Dr. Philip Roberts & Dr. Peter Kendrick

Organizers: Pastor John Bilți, President of Mission Department of Romanian Baptist Association (R.B.A.) of U.S. and Canada


Building blocks for effective shepherding!!

– Dr. Peter Kendrick

  • Pastoring is HARD
  • Pastoring is TIRING
  • Pastoring is DEMANDING 24/7

In order to LEAD I need to be REFILLED!

– One of the greatest mistakes of being a pastor is thinking that working for God means that you are close to God! That is not necessarily the case.
Sometimes you just have to BE STILL!

As a pastor, you have to have goals:

1. Spiritual goals! Getting CLOSER to God!!

Praying for an hour each day!

Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation without creating a single sermon!!

2. Physical goals!

It’s the only body we’ve got. Many pastors have a lot of physical afflictions. Cholesterol, high

blood pressure, a lot of STRESS!

The best cure for stress is:

a) rest b) diet c) exercise!

If you want to have a successful ministry you have to invest into yourself, your family, and your



You need to have a sense of God’s calling for your life!!

  • Q#1 Is there anything else that will make you happier than being a pastor?
  • Q#2 Would you continue to do this even if you would not have a salary at all?


3 Questions for a future pastor:

1. Do you want to do it?

2. Can you do it?

3. Will you do it?

Keys thoughts:

“If you can do anything else, do it! If you can stay out of ministry, stay out of ministry” – C.H. Spurgeon


Our first field of ministry is OUR HOME!!

Our first vineyard to work in is our FAMILY!!


An important question to ask yourself abour your growth: “Have I changed and do you like the change?”

Allow EACH member of your family to develop her/his own ministry!! Each one of them have to use their gifts!


– Quality time with your family

– Protect that time

– Write a family mission statement

“To love and serve the least, the last, and the lost!” -Kendrick Family


  • An ENCOURAGER – 1 Tes 6:11
  • An INVESTER in your life – Heb. 3:13

A MODELER of the model you seek!

Exercise: Write the name of your encourager!

Boundaries are needed to protect us and to help us grow in our dangerous environment. You have to know your limits in the pastoral ministry. You cannot do everything in the ministry. There are limits! You are not Superman!

You have to spend most of your time on building relationships, seeing opportunities as they come, and planting the seed of the Word (investing) in others!

2T22 – 2 Timothy 2:2

“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

– Do exercises

– Get some rest

– Eat healty


As a pastor you have to consider criticism without taking it personally. “NO” is a complete sentence!! Sometimes you just have to say NO to people, firmly with love.

– Educate yourself continuously!


You have to be willing to patiently listen to people! People want to be understood first, not fixed!! They just need EMPATHY!! Empathy is feeling with people!

“Hey, I know how it is down there and you’re not alone!!”

Empathy is much more than sympathy! Very rarely can a response make things better, but a conection is the most important thing!

EMPATHY is just standing near the ones in need, letting them know that you care, and even praying with them. Empathy is not trying to bring solutions to the problems, but feeling and connecting with people’s problems.


Dr. Philip Roberts read from Psalms 119:25-30 explaining the importance, the beauty, and the power of the Word of God!

Dr. Roberts shared a little bit about the ministry of God in Pakistan, where there are about 4 million Christians out of 100 million inhabitants. This is a reason for PRAISE but also for PRAYER!!

The Bible is the most wonderful book in the world, but also the most hated, most criticized, and the most censored book in the world! It is the most important book of the world and also the most disputed book of the world. It also has the most translators ever killed in history because the Devil hates it! The Bible has been translated completely in 698 languages!

There are 44 translations of The Bible for the blind people all over the world. It is vital for the people to UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE!! The comprehension of and belief in the Bible are the most important things with respect to it.

More than 5 billion copies of the Bible have been sold until now!! Between 80% and 85% of Americans have at least one Bible into their household.

“People who have no ideas about what John 3:16 means are “lost as a goose” and they need you to tell them about the Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!”

It is the most translated, most distributed, and most read book in human history! Many people are using Bible quotes without even knowing that they are doing it. The Gutenberg type press has been recognized to be the most valuable and important invention of the second millennium. A Gutenberg Bible from 1454 is considered to cost about $40 million.

Dr. Phil also have told us how the Quran, Dead see scrolls manuscripts discovered by some young shepherds last century, giving us a very complex set of Hebrew texts dating almost 1,000 years B.C.

As consequence THE BIBLE IS THE MOST valuable, most important, most translated, most distributed, most documented, most famous, most verified, most prophetic and most impactful book of human history!

First printed Bible in the world – 1454

The New Testament was written in the Koine common greek of that time, make it simple to be memorized, copied, understood by the most of the people of that time. It was not written in the classic greek used by scholars, philosophers and poets because it would have been inaccessible to most people.

Regarding the book of Mormon, there was a DNA study conducted on Native Americans compared with Jewish people and the study conducted on 129 individuals revealed that those are not related at all, proving that the book of Mormon is not true.

Archeology have proved for many times the accuracy of Bible information! Bible have been ridiculed in the history by many people and “scientists”, being proved TRUE later by archeological discoveries!

Just take the example of Bible stating that Pilate was governor of Judea. This reality was mocked for many centuries by archeologists but it was recently proved correct!

The Bible is the only PROPHETIC book in history! Nostradamus was not a prophet but a generic SPECULATOR. His “prophecies” are so general that they can fit most scenarios!

Bible prophecies are TRUE, SPECIFIC and many of them are already FULFILLED! There are over a hundread specific Messianic prophecies that where fully fulfilled in and by JESUS CHRIST!

There is a multitude of specific things said about His conception, birth, places and events happening, His ministry and especially His suffering and death on the Cross!

The greatest influence of a book in the whole history of the world is the influence of God’s WORD, specifically the influence of the life, ministry and death of Jesus Christ!

The reason behind forbidding the Bible in many countries today, is exactly the prove that the Bible is Powerful, is God’s LIVING WORD and it is CHANGING people’s minds and lives!

There is an agenda of discrediting the Bible trough media on so called “Discovery channel” that has a hidden agenda also. The best weapon we can use to help our children and Churches is THE TRUTH!!

THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE, have to be preached, teached and embraced into our Churches and families!

Don’t try to hide the false teachings and philosophies of the world, but DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR FAMILY AND IN YOUR CHURCH! Apologetic resourses are very vast and we need to use it wisely to counter play the strategy of the deceitful.


– Dr. Peter Kendrick

In the past a leader WAS a boss, but today’s leaders are PARTNERS with the group they lead!

The world and the Churches are in the searching for quality leaders!


Every local Church is precious in God’s eyes and HE is empowering the growing of the Church!!

There is a “dark side” of the ministry. Like in the well known movies “Star Wars” the calling to the dark side is strong for ministers. Pride, selfishness, self deception can lead a leader to the dark side of depression and quit.

There are 5 different types of bad leadership:

1. The compulsive leader

He sees the organization as a reflection of himself. He is obsessed about control of everything

that happens, usually he/she is a workaholic.

2. The narcissistic leader

Is self absorbed, the world revolves around him.

3. Paranoid leader

Are always afraid they will lose their power. They are suspicious and hostile.

4. Codependent Leader

Seek to keep peace and cover problems.

Tend to be a reactor rather than a initiator.

5. Passive aggressive leader

Driven by fear and failure. Full of sarcasm and cynicism. Complain and demoralize others. Overcoming the “dark side” of the leadership is watching close to not becoming one of the 5!

We neeed the Holly Spirit to guide us and carefully examine ourselves in the Light of the Word of God! Apply God’s Grace to your life and your leadership! Practice spiritual disciplines.

Fulfilling the Great Comission is the secret of a fruitful ministry!

If we are having regular contacts with Church people, don’t expect unchristian people to come to the Lord! The lack of evangelism in our Churches is bringing the Churches down. The Churches are getting emptier each day, because most of them are not doing EVANGELISM!!

The Biblical therm of leadership is SHEPHERDING! An effective pastoral ministry is very close related with the flock. A pastor is God’s Shepherd guiding and feeding His Flock!

A shepherd have to know the sheep!

– Shepherding God’s Way

1. Are you a true follower of Christ?

You cannot ask others to follow Christ effectively if you are not doing it.

2. The shepherd’s attitude

Meekness, humbleness, kindness are attitudes of a true shepherd.

3. The shepherd’s mission

The mission statement has to be well understood!

4. The shepherd’s power

Is not in his charisma but in the Power of God flowing through us!

5. The shepherd motivation

Love for the lost people is the strongest motivation. They need the Gospel to be saved and we need to tell them.

6. The shepherd’s practice

The shepherd need to be a true model for the ones around him! The best way of teaching someone how to live for Christ is trough personal example! Our children, family and flock will always do what they have seen us doing, not what we have told them to do.

– A good shepherd knows the sheep by name!

– Shepherds feeds the sheep!

– Shepherds guides the flock!

– The true shepherd searches for the lost sheep!

Cut out the announcements from your Church services! Better tell your congregation about how you did share Jesus to someone! This will be more motivational than just loosing time with things that people can read.


– Dr. Philip Roberts

Lord Jesus is telling us that false prophets is to be understood not as a possibilty but a REALITY! The first false prophet from the Bible is the Devil! There where plenty false prophets in the Old Testament. Wherever true prophets preached the TRUTH, false prophets appeared, trying to deceive people and derail them from the truth. As Christ’s second coming is approaching, there are more false prophets than ever.

Jehovah witness and mormons are COUNTERFEITING THE GOSPEL!

People are counterfeiting what is precious and truth! Nobody counterfeit false prophets and their doctrines 🙂 but all the false prophets are counterfeiting the TRUTH!

They do false translations of the Bible!!

They add things and take things from the Bible!

The heretics always have an extra source of authority added to the Bible.

The heretical movements have no teaching of one Savior saving by Grace!! They have prophets, more books, things to do, gurus to listen and strange unbiblical doctrines to accept and obey. It is works based!


Any group pretending they are the true Church, is a heretic group! The fate of any false prophet or false religious movement is eternal punishment in hell. That’s why they need the Lord, they need to be saved, they need to know and believe The Truth!

They are not only on the mission field, they are mission field.

We need to faithfully study the Scriptures and ask The Lord to give us wisdom and discernment to be able to always recognize a heresy hidden into a mainly true statement.

We are Jesus’s witnesses!!

We are confessing and preaching HIM!!

We are believing only HIM for our salvation!!


Conference notes

recorded by L.M.G. 2020

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