O invitație greu de respins – vizitați un centru științific de apologetică

My name is Chas Morse, and I’m the Director of Events at the Institute for Creation Research located in Dallas, Texas. Many Christians are asking challenging questions about faith and science. How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible? Did God use the Big Bang to create the universe? Was the Genesis Flood really global?
ICR has spent decades researching answers to these questions and more.Our scientists’ findings are now on display in the new ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History in Dallas, and it’s having a profound impact on people of all ages. You can take a look at our new facility in this one-minute video:
At the Discovery Center, visitors enjoy an engaging learning experience that teaches them about space, dinosaurs, fossils, geology, DNA, and more. It features creative exhibits with special effects and animatronic creatures, a one-of-a-kind Ice Age Theater, and a state-of-the-art planetarium. Where else can young and old alike learn how science affirms what we read in God’s Word?Our goal is to make the ICR Discovery Center your school or church or organization’s number one choice for field trips! For more information about the Discovery Center (PDF brochure) and about group reservations and rates, call Discovery Center Customer Service at (800) 743-6374 or click below to plan your visit.Blessings,Chas Morse, Director of Events
ICRdiscoverycenter.org | 1830 Royal Ln | Dallas, Texas 75229 

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