Nimic nou în California cutremurelor

A seismologist in California says scientists believe the sequence of earthquakes striking the Mojave Desert will produce more than 30,000 quakes of magnitude 1 or greater over six months.

Dr. Egill Hauksson also said Saturday at Caltech that the probability of a magnitude 7 over the next week has declined to 3 percent.

He says the probability for a magnitude 6 is 27 percent so he would expect one or two of those in the next week.

The epicenter of Friday night’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake was 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Ridgecrest in the same area where a 6.4 magnitude temblor hit just a day earlier.


No, California won’t get tossed into the ocean by an earthquake — and other myths debunked


Chris Prunean

5 iulie la 21:01 · 

It is Important to understand the Richter scale which measures earthquakes. It is a logarithmic scale! That means the difference between a magnitude 6.0 and 7.0 is about 10-fold! Energy released is 30-fold!

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