Un Pacepa rus dă pe față planurile democraților americani

Yesterday I came across a movie I hadn’t seen before. As connected as I am, I was surprised that I had never come across it before. But, boy was I blown away! It is a movie made during the Obama administration, sometime in 2012.

It is not a video, its a movie. Its over an hour and a half long, so it will take a committment to watch, but it is awsome and well worth the investment. It covers at great length the history that has moved the democrat party to where it is today. What’s so sad, is the plans that were put into place during the last 3-4 decades are now coming to fruition….and we missed it completely. It may also be too late to reverse what is happening, even if we know, now, what occured. Generations of youth have been lost to this agenda, and are now radical adults, espousing everything they have learned in our commondeered educational system.

I know for a fact, that my generation will never accept any of what is being pushed by the left, but we will be gone in 20 years or less. The generation before me was affected, but the millenials have been completely engulfed in this concentrated indoctrination…..they will take our place. All I can ask, is you get as many people to watch this movie as you can, especially those on the left that you know.

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