Pentru toți cei ce studiază Biblia – o ofertă irezistibilă

Logos Bible Software Order Summary
How to Install Logos 8
If you have Logos 7 installed: Open your software and Logos 8 will automatically download.
If you don’t have Logos 7 installed: Select one of the following links:
Logos 8 for Mac
Logos 8 for Windows
How to access your books in Logos Need help learning the basics of Logos?
If you haven’t already, install Logos on your computer or mobile device, or get started right away in the web app.

If you already have Logos installed, open it and sign in to automatically download your new resources to your library.

The Logos Pro Team provides training on how to use any tool in Logos at

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our forums to learn from Logos power users and employees.

Billing Address Order Info
Order number: 14785960
Date: 2/19/2019 9:08 PM
Billed To:
Order Summary
Logos 8 Basic 1 $0.00
Subtotal $0.00
Total $0.00
Download the Android app Download the iOS app
Files to Download:
LogosSetup.exe 537.84 KB
LogosMac.dmg 235.98 MB
LogosSetup.exe 537.84 KB
LogosMac.dmg 235.98 MB
You can also view this order summary online.    Questions? Call 1-800-875-6467.

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