3 Times to Bite Your Lip

Christians desperately need to think before we speak, applying Biblical principles to our words. This 1-minute devotion offers 3 times we need to bite our lips. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Biblestudy

We all have opinions, but Christians are commanded to have speech that is “full of grace” (Colossians 4:6).

So here’s 3 times to bite our lips:

1. When our preferences become dogmatic.
We all have preferences, but God hasn’t endorsed one church, Bible study method, translation of the Bible, political party, type of education, or style of music. And most political subjects are too complex to boil down to “God’s view.” So let’s be considerate to those with whom we disagree (Philippians 2:3).

2. When our timing is bad. 
Unsaved people need salvation before they can understand God’s principles. Are we giving people the right message at the right time and right place?Matthew 7:6 may sound a bit harsh, but it’s an important principle that we not share the deep things of God until a person is open and ready.

3. When we don’t have our facts straight.
It’s easy (but very ungracious) to pass along rumors without checking them out even if we hear them from someone we respect. Honest people can still spread rumors if they don’t verify them (Proverbs 18:171 Peter 2:1).

Before we claim to know God’s view of healthcare reform or spread the latest rumor about a Christian leader, let’s get the facts, check our hearts, and bite our lips. We expect grace from others, so let’s give it ourselves.


* Some issues are clear, like abortion–it’s clear how God feels about taking the life of a child. We should oppose it out of love for mother, child, and Jesus. But most political issues like health care reform, defense spending, etc. are made up of good and bad elements.

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