Valer Monafu – remembering and looking forward

It’s been almost a week since the 106th Convention of the Romanian Baptists in America and I still think fondly of it, of the encouragements I have received from the messages that were preached, the talks I had with my brothers, and the sheer joy of worshipping God together.

It is no secret that Christians enjoy getting together and praising God and these conventions are such amazing opportunities for fellowship.

This particular convention was very special because we got to celebrate the 100th birthday of a man who was used by God in the last century among the Romanians in America like the Apostle Paul was used by God in the first century.

Brother Pitt Popovici was instrumental in planting most of the Romanian Baptist churches on the West Coast of the United States, and elsewhere in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was unrelenting in his work, planting churches, publishing Christian literature, doing Christian radio, encouraging missions and many more. A lot of people know Jesus because of him. He was with us at this convention and he told us that he was simply an instrument in God’s hands, a “chisel” in the hands of the almighty sculptor.

We have in him another great witness of God’s faithfulness and a model that we must all pursue.

Praise God for him and for our current leadership. I am honored and humbled that the senior pastor of my church, Ovidiu Rauca, was elected to serve as the President of the RBA for the next few years. I pray that God will use his ministry.

The new youth President is my young friend, Alex Onofrei for whom I also bow in prayer before God. My prayer for both these men is that God will use them as chisels, instruments of grace in the Romanian community. #rbaconvetion2018

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