12 Must-Have Bible Apps for Every Christian Woman

Once upon a time, in the world of flip phones and roaming fees, my phone made a funny ding sound. Opening it, I found a notification I had never seen before.

Baffled, I asked my slightly more tech-savvy husband if he knew what it was. “I think maybe it’s a text message. I’ve heard of those. You can type out messages and send them from phone to phone.”

Of course he was right, and I spent the next thirty minutes trying to type a response.

Fast forward several years and my cell phone has now become like an extra appendage. If it leaves my side, basic survival is in question — especially when it comes to travel.

But one day I decided to step outside my comfort zone and leave my phone in the car while I helped with my son’s Vacation Bible School class.

Like an ex-smoker who absentmindedly pats their pockets looking for that long-lost pack of cigarettes, I was mortified at how many times I reached for my absent phone when I was bored, frustrated, or just mentally overwhelmed.

It was a wakeup call. Once I realized the impact my phone was having on my life, I decided it was time to start using it in a more intentional way.

Instead of getting sucked into minutes of mindless scrolling on Facebook, I sought out more soul-filling apps. This has been such a blessing in my life, and so today I’d like to share a list of some of the best scripture apps I’ve found.

Looking for the best Bible apps to help in your Bible study? Here are 12 must have Bible apps that will help you learn to study the Bible - plus why we love each one!


You Version
You Version Bible App
– This app’s shining crown is that it will read the Bible to you. Once you download your preferred translation, you can listen online or off. There is a verse of the day and several reading plans to choose from.




Glo Bible App


Glo Bible – This app is just plain cool with its fun colors, pictures, HD videos, maps, and 360-degree virtual tours. The Bible is accessible online or off, and you can share verses with your friends as well as do reading plans.



Bible+ by Olive Tree


Bible+ by Olive Tree – This app is highly rated for it’s two-screen viewing option, allowing you to see two translations at once, view your study notes while you read, or follow along with commentary while you study.



She Reads


She Reads Truth – This app is an online community of women who read the Bible together. The highlight is the real-time commenting as well as shareable images featuring scripture that can be used as lockscreens for your phone.




Bible.is – This app allows you to both read and listen to the Bible in over 800+ languages. With it’s 61 video segments from The Jesus Film Project (available in hundreds of languages), watch your favorite Bible stories and share verses with friends via text message.



Blue Letter Bible


Blue Letter Bible – If you are looking for an in-depth study of the Bible,this app is for you. Study original Hebrew and Greek word meanings and do advanced word study searches through their dictionaries and encyclopedias.





TheBible.org – View up to four versions of the Bible side-by-side. Tap any word and get a definition as well as a list of other verses the same Greek word appears in. Search for Bible verses even if you only remember a few words and share them all easily on social media.



Inspirational Bible Verses


Inspirational Bible Verses – This is a fun app that brings you hundreds of inspiration verses. You can save your favorites for easy reference and easily share the verses with friends.



For my sisters who love their games:


Bible Quiz 3D


Bible Quiz 3D – Create a player profile to race against others. Your progress is propelled forward by answering multiple-choice Bible trivia questions correctly. The first player to the finish is the winner!



Bible Quiz - Christian and Religion Trivia


Bible Quiz – Enjoy cute animations and answer questions correctly to earn stars and open other categories. This is a fun way to help you remember all the important teachings found in the Bible.



Bible Memory- Scripture Typer


Bible Memory: Scripture Typer Memory App – This app makes memorizing your favorite Bible verses feel like a game by using touch, audio, and visual assistance.



And for the kids:


YouVersion Bible for Kids


The Bible App for Kids – From YouVersion, this app has colorful illustrations and easy navigation. It brings the Bible to life with touch-activated animations, fun facts, and special challenges that let kids earn rewards.


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