Ipocrizia unui papă care predică evanghelia falsă a globalizării

Pope ‘ashamed’ young to inherit fractured world

The cross is lit before the Stations of the Cross torchlight procession at the Colosseum in Rome
The cross is lit before the Stations of the Cross torchlight procession at the Colosseum in Rome (AFP Photo/Marco BERTORELLO)

Rome (AFP) – Pope Francis on Friday said he was “ashamed” that younger generations would inherit a world “fractured by divisions and wars”.

Speaking in Rome at the end of the traditional Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession, the pontiff said the world was “devoured by egotism in which the young, the sick, the old are marginalised”.

Amid tight security, around 20,000 faithful, many holding candles, gathered around Rome’s Colosseum for the religious ritual that evokes the path Jesus walked to his crucifixion.

The Italian capital has been put under tight surveillance following a week marked by a series of anti-terror arrests.

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti warned this week of the high risk of an attack in Italy, and some 10,000 officers have been deployed to guarantee safety in Rome, in particular during the Easter celebrations presided over by the Pope this weekend culminating with the Easter day celebrations on Sunday.

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  • Tom


    2 days ago

    The George Soros Pope.
    ReplyReplies (12)
  • goneonholiday



    As if the world wasn’t fractured at every point in history before the present generation. Let’s pretend they’re special and this is new.
    ReplyReplies (1)
  • John


    2 days ago

    The world has always been fractured with war and poverty. Not that I’m the best Christian out there, but The Bible discusses this dilemma in significant detail. I’m starting to think he’s never read it.
    ReplyReplies (11)

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