OBRĂZNCIA MINCIUNII în slujba globalismului

Every destructive weather event is not caused by climate change, there is no scientific consensus that human activity is endangering the planet, and there’s no proof the carbon dioxide is actually bad for us.

Those are among the iconoclastic conclusions reached by ClimateDepot.com founder Marc Morano in his new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.”

The first target for Morano is the environmental movement changing the terminology from global warming to climate change. Because of that, climate change activists can now chalk up every severe weather event to humans damaging the planet.

“What they try to do is switch it over to extreme weather. In other words, every drought, flood, hurricane, tornado, and yes blizzard, is now the result of global warming and what they expected. That was one of the shifts in the name of climate change because then they could cover anything and everything,” said Morano.

But the blame doesn’t stop at weather developments. He says the climate change movement sees the impact everywhere.

“An increase in prostitution? That’s global warming. Vehicle thefts going up? That’s global warming. Bar room brawls? That’s global warming. Bad coffee crop? That’s global warming. That’s climate change. Everything’s shifted over to the name climate change and they blame everything on it,” said Morano.

By 2018, many of the dire climate predictions of flooded coasts and other calamities were predicted to come true. So how do those scientists explain those erroneous projections?

“They have opposite predictions. If you bet for both teams to win the Super Bowl, you’re going to be a winner no matter what. They’ve done that. They can go back on snow in particular. Global warming will cause less snow. That’s what the United Nations said, that’s what the United Nations scientists said. That’s what was in all these studies.

“But they had a few studies that said global warming will cause an increase in snow. So they predicted global warming will cause more snow and less snow. now they can come out and say they predicted it. They predicted global warming will cause fewer lightning strikes and more lightning strikes. Now, not matter what happens, they predicted it – more malaria and less malaria, more hurricanes and fewer hurricanes,” said Morano.

But how can a “consensus” of 97 percent of climate scientists be wrong?

Easy, says Morano. That number is made up and there is nowhere near that kind of consensus.

“One study claiming 97 percent of scientists wasn’t even 97 scientists. It wasn’t even 87 scientists. It was 77 scientists and we don’t even know who these 77 anonymous scientists are. We don’t know their university affiliation. We don’t know their expertise.

“They got a survey that started with tens of thousands and they whittled it down. They tortured the data until they got what they wanted,” said Morano.

And Morano stresses the reason for all this sleight of hand is not to be missed.

“In the words of the United Nations climate chief, whom I interviewed for the book, she actually says, ‘We want a centralized transformation that will make life on planet earth very different in order to fight global warming,’” said Morano.

He says this is nothing new.

“I go back to the 1970’s and I show that different environmental scares had the same solutions: wealth redistribution, central planning, and global governance. These are the exact phrases they’ve been using for 40 years trying to promote the solution to the crisis. Global warming is just the most recent crisis,” said Morano.

Morano interviewed former Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, an ardent opponent of the climate change movement because it reminds him of what he saw for decades behind the Iron Curtain.

“He said, ‘Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc, the greatest threat since the fall is ambitious environmentalism from the climate agenda.’ He considers them the greatest threat to liberty, this whole climate agenda. And this is a man who grew up under that agenda,” said Morano.

Morano is fully confident the truth is on his side in this debate, but he is unsure whether his side will win the debate given the United Nations, most world leaders, Hollywood, the media, and liberal politicians all insisting the science is settled and action must be taken.

He is especially concerned about how early schools are targeting young kids with this message.

“This is absolute brainwashing of children. They are taught from a very young age that there is no dissent on this issue. Not only is there no dissent but no dissent is allowed. You are going to be called an idiot. You are going to be disenfranchised. You will have no career unless you toe the line. This is very far from science.

“One scientist I interviewed was actually called a heretic after she reversed her view and became a skeptic. Those are not the words of science. Those are the words of religion,” said Morano.

Morano says he wrote the book to give kids and parents a way to push back.

“The book is an entertaining, humorous book first and foremost. Make no mistake about it, this is not a boring textbook. This is for parents and for anyone in the public who wants to debate and parents who want ammunition as their kids get indoctrinated,” said Morano.

He applauds President Trump for setting the U.S. on the path to withdrawing from the Paris climate deal and for rolling back a number of government regulations from water rules to emissions standards on coal-fired power plants. Still, Morano urges Trump to find a science czar to push back on the science as well as the damage such rules could do to the economy.

Morano also says the environmental movement will never stop.

“They are all in on this. They are going to keep pushing and they have an agenda. And if global warming were to fade, they would replace it with another environmental scare at some point, with the same solutions,” said Morano.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2018/03/author-warns-everything-now-about-global-warming/#kOFRsbIBIg9LpfkE.99

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