The 13 Best-Kept Resume Secrets

Since one of our top articles here is the 13 best-kept cover letter secrets, I thought I would do part two with the 13 best-kept resume secrets too! When you apply to a job online, you are competing with on average 250 other resumes and a computer system is weeding out the best resumes. Small things you do really can make all the difference in whether you get hired or not. Some hiring managers will toss your resume out if you don’t know the 13 resume secrets below. Even worse, the application tracking system will knock you out of the running before you even can hit the desk of a live person! This is why an AWESOME resume truly is important.

the 13 best kept resume secrects


Here are 13 resume secrets that will turn your resume from boring to AWESOME:

1. Ensure that everything listed on your resume correlates to the job you are applying to.
2. Your resume should be either one page or two full pages (not 1.5 pages).
3. Your resume should include at least 5 keywords from the job description. Also, all bullets need to be lined up correctly.
4.The font on your resume should be easy to read and not too small (preferably size 12).
5.Your resume should clearly show that you meet at least the minimum qualifications (preferably meeting additional qualifications).

6. Your resume should have a summary section at the very top that shows that you meet the requirements of the job. The summary section identifies how you can help solve the company’s problems. Hint: Your resume should not say “I am looking for a job in ……”
7. Each bullet on your resume should start with a positive action verb.
8. Correct verb tense should always be used. If it’s a past job, all verbs should be past tense. If you are currently working there, use present tense. This seems easy but you would be amazed at how much this is missed!
9. Your experience section should clearly detail results and accomplishments using numbers whenever possible (preferably quantified with percentages and numbers).
10. Your resume should show how you have added value and solved problems at every company you list.  It should not just be a list of tasks.
11. Your education section should be clear with your degree, school name and applicable courses, projects or training that relate to the job you are applying to.
12. There should be absolutely no misspellings or grammatical errors.
13. You should leave the reader wanting to know more about you and it should include something unique and memorable about you. Remember, they are looking for someone who they can spend 40+ hours a week with. Show them that you are fun to work with too!

Implement these resume secrets and start getting ready for your next step, interviews!

P.S. Since this weekend is all about LOVE, we are talking about how to LOVE your resume and your cover letter. The good news is that in honor of Valentine’s Day, you can download our beautiful and professionally designed resume and cover letter templates in our brand new course.
We want to make your life easy! 

Small things you do really can make all the difference in whether you get hired or not.

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