ONU și pornografia obligatorie

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    No question about it, the United Nations is corrupt to the core and shouldn’t get a dime of our tax dollars. Their policy towards our Federal Communication Commission is the reason that the FCC and thus your local cable service cannot ban pornography. They are forced to make it available to every household, legal or not.

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      Is that true?

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        That’s what Cox cable told me when I asked them to block all pornographic domains from my computer. They said it is technologically possible, but that the FCC required all pornography, legal and illegal to be transmitted and made available to everyone under the fairness and equality in advertising policy that the United Nations forces on our FCC.
        Like all other webs it is a trap. All they have to do is redirect your computer to an illegal website and then haul their political enemies off to jail and call in the media for cleanup smear operations.

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