Adevărat, dar inexplicabil (3)

11. The Petrifying Well

SOURCE: Mother Shipton’s Cave

In Yorkshire, England, water trickles down off a cliff side (which is shaped like a skull) into a hole where any object left in the water gets turned to stone in three to five months.

People have left teddy bears for the ultimate creepiness. The theory is either a witch’s curse or, as researchers believe, an unusually high mineral content in the water with petrifying capabilities.

12. The Beacon of Maracaibo

SOURCE: Flow Traveller

There is a lightning storm over the Catatumbo River in Venezuela that never stops. It rages on from 7 p.m. for 10 hours, 260 nights a year.

Researchers think it has to do with uranium or a collision between the Andes Mountains through warm trade winds, evaporating water and methane from a nearby oil field.

In 2010, it stopped mysteriously for a day and then started again six weeks…but why!?

13. The Blue Pond of Hokkaido

SOURCE: Feel the Planet

There is a lake with electric blue and green water that shimmers in Hokkaido, Japan and changes with the seasons.

It’s a man-made lake, but it was intended as a reservoir. Researchers think this occurs from the aluminum hydroxide particles in the water that reflect light inexplicably.

14. Kawah Ijen

SOURCE: National Geographic News

There is a volcano that spews blue lava in Indonesia due to the sulfuric gases from the sulfur mine within. The blue-colored flames condense into liquid sulfur which spills down looking like neon-blue lava.

It’s actually not lava and it makes the air real toxic. The workers in the mine suffer through the unbreathable air while they work in the light of a pale blue glow that’s slowly killing them. Yep.

15. The Devil’s Kettle

SOURCE: Smithsonian

In Lake Superior, Minnesota, in Judge C.R. Magney State Park, a water exists that spills into two streams due to the way the rock is shaped — half the water heads into the Brule River, and the other half into a never-seemingly-ending hole.

Beyond 10 feet, the water just disappears into the dark. Researchers drop objects like ping pong balls and dyes into the water, but they haven’t solved anything yet because they don’t reappear.

It was deemed too unsafe for people to explore, but we want to see a drone sent down there now.



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