Da, Daniel, există contrast în atitudine și închinare ! Un demon sau un Domn?

This is really cool! The worship really pumped me up!

👌 Contrasting pre-game rituals.

Aidan Lawrence

Aidan Lawrence I like Fijis ritual the most out of all. They dont need a war dance to prove they’re the biggest tough guys. They show their passion through words and their gameplay 👍

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· November 17 at 11:06pm


Peni Basalusalu

Peni Basalusalu Roger Pulbrook the atheist will either sing along or will go find another team to play for. Anyone who wants to represent Fiji in any sport will know that at some point there is going to be hymn and a prayer. That’s who we are. Atheists can choose to play for any other team or sing and pray along.

Carl Macken I didn’t like the way the Kiwis turned their back on the Fijians hymn- no other team has done that in this or previous World Cups – well they got what they deserved

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· Yesterday at 1:46am


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Anitelea Ah Chong Tanuvasa

Anitelea Ah Chong Tanuvasa I love how The Kiwis try to intimidate the Fiji Bati warriors and all they received was love. Wow just wow

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· Yesterday at 3:00am · Edited


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Thomas Dunn

Thomas Dunn Fiji like Tonga ain’t got no money or hardly any of it but what we got is God nothing ever beats that. Their strength is not in themselves but God🕆🕆🕆🕆🕆🕆 Vinaka Viti

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Benn Tawake
Benn Tawake Love the fact that we Fijians don’t care whether or not the Kiwis turn their backs, because the hymn is not meant for them, its for a greater power. A fearful Kiwi Haka Vs a God fearing Hymn. Vnk Fiji Bati

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· Yesterday at 5:07am


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Wade Rika

Wade Rika Mate I’m Maori but that Fiji hymn was beautiful, you could see the brotherhood & the passion for there God & there country, they looked like they had unity under there creator, it’s hard to compete with that. God bless Fiji. To the kiwi brothers, it’s all good brothers , we could see you tried your best, but were’nt good enough on the day , Godbless the Kiwis too.

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· Yesterday at 11:38am


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David Ralph

David Ralph Shame and Pathetic how nz turn there back to Fiji when they performed there chant/war dance a country of love and peace. Fiji war dance dominated nzealnds ya nailed it . Sorry go 🇫🇯

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· November 17 at 11:46pm


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Baleinamasini Wainiqolo Ratucoka

Baleinamasini Wainiqolo Ratucoka This match was like David and Goliath…Kiwis came with a war dance, talents, abilities, experience and fame….The Bati came in with songs of praises in the name of the Lord…Praise God

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· Yesterday at 10:03am


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Mohinesh Narayan Gudrie

Mohinesh Narayan Gudrie My 10 ten year old prayed for Fiji’s win. $100 for you son. Love his devotion. Love Fiji’s hymn singing. Alleluia🙏🙏

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· Yesterday at 2:58am


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Tony Toala

Tony Toala Jesus said “If you honor me i will honor you” much respect #fijiBatI

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· Yesterday at 2:00am


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Erman Pua Kuarantaake

Erman Pua Kuarantaake Love Fiji soo much ive got so much respect for this team its sad to see the kiwis disrespecting them but Fiji paid attention to their haka. Vinaka vaka levu Fiji🇫🇯❤️❤️❤️

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· Yesterday at 1:06am


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Ralph Emery

Ralph Emery Fijis got the best one this whole tournament.

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· November 17 at 10:52pm


Fuatino Laban

Fuatino Laban Thats what I love and admire about Fijians, they’re humble.

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· Yesterday at 12:03am


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