The Gospel of John

Important Information 
Author: John the Apostle 

Theme: The Deity of Christ 

Category: Gospel 

Fascinating Facts 

  1. John’s Gospel contains the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept,” (11: 35). 
  2. The names Jesus and Christ appear more times here (over 170) than in any other book of the Bible. 
  3. John’s Gospel contains the longest prayer of the New Testament, chapter 17. 
  4. One-third of John’s Gospel is a record of the last eight days of Christ’s life before His death, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. 
  5. John is the most theological of the four Gospels.
  6. John’s Gospel contains no parables and only eight miracles, five of which are not recorded in the other Gospels.
  7.  John 3: 16 is undoubtedly the most quoted and most familiar verse in all of Scripture. 
  8. In John’s Gospel, the word believe appears some one hundred times, emphasizing the gospel message. 
  9. John’s Gospel presents the strongest evidence for the deity of Jesus Christ. 
  10. Over 90 percent of John’s Gospel is unique from the other three synoptic Gospels. 
  11. Only John’s Gospel contains Jesus’s “I am” statements that speak of His being the Messiah. 
  12. John begins his Gospel with the same language of Genesis: “In the beginning.” 

Quotable Quotes 

The Gospel of John is the most influential book that has ever come from the pen of any man. —Philip Schaff
This is the Gospel of the Divine Life of Jesus. The eagle has always been its recognized emblem, as denoting its sublime and heavenly character. And, clearly, in its dictation, its insights into the deepest truths, its repeated testimony to the Glory and Deity of our Lord, it holds a unique place among the records of His life. —F. B. Meyer 

No Gospel of the New Testament is more greatly loved than the Gospel of John. Among young and old alike its profound message, beautiful imagery, and simple language have won their way into countless hearts. —Homer A. Kent Jr. 

Notable Notes 

The oldest surviving New Testament text that we have is a fragment of John 18: 31–33, 37–38, which includes Pilate’s question to Jesus: “Are You the King of the Jews?” That fragment dates to about AD 125, roughly one generation after the original was written. It is located in the John Rylands Library in Manchester, England.


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