America care nu-mi place

Un tur de arme în Venezuela, Nord Coreia sau Cuba l-ar lecui pe veci!

The Tweet depicts Rapone with a clenched and raised fist, symbolism commonly associated with neo-Marxist movements such as “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “Antifa,” as he stands with fellow officers.

Rapone’s Twitter handle is @punkproletarian; his profile features a Soviet-themed hammer and sickle flag banner anda profile photograph of William Tecumseh Sherman:

Via LawNewz, Rapone is a graduate of the United States Military Academy (USMA, also known as West Point) and belongs to Democratic Socialists of America. “Democratic socialism,” of course, is a euphemism for neo-Marxism, regularly deployed by neo-Marxists such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the United Kingdom’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

On his Medium page, Rapone pushes leftist themes, tilting at political windmills like “white supremacy” while deriding American culture as “profoundly racist … since the inception of this country.”

West Point, alleges Rapone, is replete with “white supremacist iconography and visual rhetoric.” Drawing on Leon Trotsky’s famous phrase, he predicts that “racial oppression” will inevitably be “cast into the dustbin of history.”

Referencing neo-Marxist historian Howard Zinn — author of one of the most commonly used historical texts across American universities — as support for his political disposition, Rapone quotes: “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


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