Ken Ham, founder of the Ark Encounter, the massive reproduction in Kentucky of the biblical Noah’s Ark, announced on Twitter that the ark will be lit with a massive rainbow every evening (Photo: Twitter/Ken Ham)

Man wears a rainbow tutu at a 2017 San Francisco Pride Parade (Photo: Zippertravel)

Many thousands of years before the “gay” movement claimed the

rainbow as its emblem, God fashioned the brilliantly colored banner of light and painted it across the sky as a beautiful symbol of his enduring covenant with mankind.

Six millennia later, bare-skinned “gay” men would strut their stuff on parade floats wearing nothing but rainbow Speedos, tutu skirts and body paint, celebrating their homosexual “pride” by proudly displaying the spectrum through America’s public streets.

Now, after decades of witnessing the colors splashed across “gay” parades, flags, bumper stickers and even the White House in 2015, one prominent Christian has announced his plan to “take back the rainbow.”

President Obama’s administration lit the White House with rainbow colors on the evening of June 26, 2015, after the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision in favor of legalized same-sex marriage

Ken Ham is president of Answers in Genesis, which created the Ark Encounter, a massive reproduction in Kentucky of the biblical Noah’s Ark. Described as the largest timber frame structure in the world, the project re-created Noah’s Ark at 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high.

See Ken Ham’s library of works, including “The Lie: Evolution,” “Bill Nye debates Ken Ham,” “How Do We Know the Bible Is True?” and more, all at the WND Superstore.

Ham announced on Twitter that the ark will be lit with a massive rainbow every evening.

In his first tweet, Ham said, “The @ArkEncounter is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns the rainbow & is a sign of His covenant.”

He continued, “The rainbow is a reminder God will never again judge the wickedness of man with a global Flood – next time the world will be judged by fire.

“Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do @ArkEncounter – God owns it – He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood.”

In Genesis 9, God promised Noah and all of mankind that he would never again destroy His creation with a global flood. Genesis 9:12-25 (NKJV) states:

This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.

See Ken Ham’s library of works, including “The Lie: Evolution,” “Bill Nye debates Ken Ham,” “How Do We Know the Bible Is True?” and more, all at the WND Superstore.

After Ham’s series of tweets, some Twitter users expressed support for his rainbow campaign, but others unloaded with messages filled with criticism and hate. Some responses included:

  • “If *god* owns it, why do *christians* have to take it back? Why won’t *god* take it back?” – Causey
  • “Prior to the flood, do you believe light behaved differently as it passed through water droplets?” – Jesse Blankenship
  • “This boat is ‘gay’ as heck” – Mai
  • “Man, Ken, you’ve got it all. A god that doesn’t answer and a boat that doesn’t sail … man I wish I was you [sic].” – Bitchel
  • “Nobody owns the rainbow! Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” – Sara
  • “Ken, you do understand the science behind a rainbow, right? Is it God’s ‘decree’ I see in the spray of my garden hose?” – Raven
  • “A bit ironic that you want to represent fairytales as true using an optical illusion as a symbol, don’t you think?” – BytownBamboo
  • “No chance Kenny Boy. Rainbow belongs to the LGBT community now.” – Kenneth
  • “Christians know the true Biblical meaning behind the rainbow. No agenda will ever change its Biblical significance.” – John Rivera
  • “Thank you for standing up for what is right. You are earning rewards in heaven!” – Eliza
  • “I hope all Christians will use this opportunity to not only speak the truth, but in a way that leaves little doubt about the [love] behind it.” – Cooper Day
  • “God’s signature to His covenant! Well done AIG. Praise the Lord!” – Hoge Realty Co.
  • “I love it! Thank you for taking back the Rainbow for God’s glory.” – TruthReport

In 2008, the U.K. Independent cited “gay” activist Gilbert Baker, who claimed he made a rainbow flag in 1978 that would later become the symbol of the homosexual movement.

Baker lived in San Francisco and was friends with openly “gay” San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk, whose biography tells of sexual escapades, including relationships with young boys. Milk allegedly asked Baker to design a symbol for the “gay” movement.

“In 1978, when I thought of creating a flag for the ‘gay’ movement there was no other international symbol for us than the pink triangle, which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps,” Baker told the Independent. “Even though the pink triangle was and still is a powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us. I almost instantly thought of using the rainbow. To me, it was the only thing that could really express our diversity, beauty and our joy. I was astounded nobody had thought of making a rainbow flag before because it seemed like such an obvious symbol for us.”

In 2012, Baker also told WBBM radio in Chicago: “A true flag is not something you can really design. A true flag is torn from the soul of the people. A flag is something that everyone owns and that’s why they work. The rainbow flag is like other flags in that sense, it belongs to the people.”

In recent years, several Christians have suggested that believers reclaim the biblical symbol.

In a June 27, 2017, column headlined, “The cross beats the stolen rainbow,” Linda Harvey wrote: “[T]he sweet rainbow has been violated, raped by the deluded and fraudulent, and it now serves too often as a garish signpost for slavery to grave homosexual sin. It’s clear God did not intend for the rainbow to represent rebellion, iniquity and division.”

Rather, Harvey explained, God “is the real author of the rainbow for His original life-affirming, godly purposes.”

“Its current misuse needs to end,” she continued. “Rainbows should accompany what God would smile on. God is not smiling on homosexual conduct, gender defiance or the corruption of children, and He never will.”

See Ken Ham’s library of works, including “The Lie: Evolution,” “Bill Nye debates Ken Ham,” “How Do We Know the Bible Is True?” and more, all at the WND Superstore.


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