Puștiul care a nenorocit Siria (și Europa)

Mai în joacă, mai în serios, un băiat de 14 ani a scris un protest politic pe un zid din Damasc. A fost arestat si torturat. Au inceput demonstrațiile, … a început războiul, au început valurile de refugiați. A murit tatăl său. Au murit tații a sute de mii de alți băieți … Totul dintr-o … joacă. Așa se scrie istoria. Cine e de vină ?

Six years of war in Syria: ‘I regret that so many innocent people had to die’, says the boy whose defiance sparked the conflict

Mouawiya Syasneh
Mouawiya Syasneh has stayed in Syria and fought in the war with the rebels of the Free Syrian Army CREDIT: MOUAWIYA SYASNEH

Mouawiya Syasneh does not like to reflect on the last six years as the memories only bring pain and sadness. But it is the sense of guilt that weighs heaviest on the 20-year-old.

Syasneh became an unlikely revolutionary when at 14 years old, he and a group of friends sprayed-painted graffiti on the wall of their school in Deraa, southern Syria, in February 2011.

“Ejak el door, ya doctor” or “It’s your turn, Doctor (Bashar al-Assad),” the black scrawlings read.

It was not long before the mukhabarat – the secret police – came knocking at his door.



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