Citirea zilnică – Judecători

Judges Important Information

Author: Unknown
Theme: Israel’s Compromise and God’s Compassion
Category: History

Fascinating Facts

  1. Judges is one of four Old Testament books with an unknown author (see also Ruth, Esther, and Job).
  2. The time of Judges has been called “the Dark Ages” of Israel’s history.
  3. Judges contains the oldest known parable in the world (9:8–15).
  4. Judges contains the record of the first female leader of Israel, Deborah (ch. 4).
  5. Judges records one of the worst stories of depravity found in Scripture (chs. 19–21).
  6. Judges tells the story of thirteen different “judges” or “deliverers,” four of whom are listed in the “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11:32.
  7. In Judges, various forms of the word deliver occur some forty-eight times.
  8. Judges contains one-fourth of the Old Testament references to the “Angel of the Lord,” who is undoubtedly Christ Himself.
  9. Judges tells of the strongest man recorded in history: Samson.
  10. Judges tells of the first Nazirite recorded in history: Samson.
  11. Judges contains the first two recorded suicides in Scripture: Gideon’s son Abimelech (9:54) and Samson (16:30).
  12. Judges records the only instance in Scripture in which someone (Eglon) is called “a very fat man” (3:17).


Quotable Quotes

As we cannot obliterate the tragic record [of Judges], let us be quick to learn from it; for although it is such a pathetic anticlimax to the book of Joshua, it is nevertheless one of the richest books in Scripture in the salutary lessons and examples which it contains. —J. Sidlow Baxter

The book of Judges is perhaps less studied and quoted from than most other historical books of Scripture . . . but even the most neglected parts of the Lord’s garden will be found to yield flowers of heavenly fragrance. —Luke H. Wiseman

Judges, more than any other book of the Bible, illustrates the way God works through ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. —Cyril J. Barber

Notable Notes

This seventh book of the Bible records seven distinct cycles, which include: seven apostasies of Israel, their seven subjections to seven heathen nations, seven pleas for rescue to God, and seven deliverances.

Christ Connections

Christ can be found in Judges as: Judge and Law Giver Deliverer

Lasseigne, Jeff. Unlocking the Scriptures: What the Bible Is, How We Got It, and Why We Can Trust It (Kindle Locations 2377-2402). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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