Un mesaj urgent bine intenționat și binevenit ! Mulțumim Anthony Ianosel

Anthony Ianosel, L.C., Ret.
THE DREADFUL REALITY on the ground in the Western Europe nations, about the menacing RADICAL ISLAMIC VIOLENT INVASION; read below the chilling facts, from their [radical islamic] leaders’ own mouths–all these hard facts [stupidly] ignored, and not factored in, by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. See, proof of the three videos terrifying evidence of hateful muslims’ violent invasion in W. Europe [although E. Europe (250 million) nations, Russian Fed’tion [160 million] blocking the hateful, menacing, pestilential invaders]:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MIugCzfLU8
And….how many more constitutional rights of U.S. Citizens, with actual blue passport, have not been factored in the Ninth Circuit Court decision? Probably 50,000…and how many denied to same? You guess now. To be sure, we have the right to be excused and be free from the hateful, menacing forces of the international Jihad and their potential agents that are rushing in Europe and in the North American continent! N. AMERICAN CONTINENT, PAY ATTENTION NOW MORE THAN EVER, to the facts on the ground in W. Europe! DO NOT SLUMBER at the wheel of power, North American leaders! This is the last bastion of true Liberty! Let it be DEFENDED with all severity and human determination against the cruel and menacing international Jihadi forces that are ruining Western Europe under our eyes!

***** PLEASE STUDY and SHARE the foregoing apocalyptic dimension news with all of the Eastern and Western Europe’s Christian leaders. Time for meaningful (not sloppy) information about the evil-driven international Jihad forces! The time is now, 2017! Thank you, brother in Christ.
Anthony Ianosel, Esq., Ret.

**** Whereas you are one of the MOST ACCOMPLISHED Eastern European Christian teacher of the Bible, I would ask you to spend some time arranging the foregoing information in a coherent format and content and share it with those drastically ignorant people and with those less informed
about the evil-driven International Jihadi forces that are on the move to establich by violence an islamic Caliphate in Europe and our North American continent.


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