Game Changer in the Fight Against Barnevernet

Delight in Truth

After a weekend of global anti-Barnevernet (Norway Child Protection Services) protests, something amazing is happening. It is tangible in the media, and while it cannot be quantified mathematically, it is in the air.

What is it?


Victims of Barnevernet have renewed hope. They are watching the international drama unfold on TV in Europe, on news sites, and on blogs like this one.

For example, in recent days 35,000 visitors have arrived to this site from social media links and from searching terms like “barnevernet abuse,” “bodnariu,” and “barnevernet targeting immigrants.”

Norwegian lawyer and leading anti-Barnevernet activist Marius Reikeras visited Elim Romanian Church in Chicago last night, and he communicated to the several hundred people attending the worship service that the Norwegian media has covered the mass protests going on in Europe and America. The victims saw the protests!

This has invigorated the hope of parents who have not…

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