Păstori și evangheliști – Internetul vă așteaptă

Iată o statistică la zi a progresului comunicări prin Internet. Până și președinții și dictatorii lumii s-au trezit și sunt e social-media. Uni păstori stau însă înc departe … Păcat, mare păcat.

Interesant, apostolul Pavel a avut încredere în abilitatea Duhului Sfânt de a folosi mesaje scrise, unii dintre noi, nu.

Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends (Slides)


Asa Mathat for Re/code

Liz Gannes 

Two decades after 1995, the year of the Netscape IPO, the Internet population has exploded in size, it’s much more mobile, and it’s increasingly driven by user-created content and flexible content delivery that’s controlled by users. But growth is slowing in all but a few key areas.

While some of these points seem obvious, Mary Meeker’s charts, graphs and data helps quantify the landscape.

The tech industry makes a yearly tradition of turning to the fast-talking and data-synthesizing Meeker, a former Wall Street analyst turned late-stage venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who publishes an influential annual assessment of the Internet economy. As has been her custom in recent years, Meeker introduced her Internet Trends report at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes on Wednesday.

Here’s how Meeker sets the stage: Two-thirds of a generation into the Internet, there were 2.8 billion users as of 2014, up from 35 million in 1995.

In 20 years, that’s 39 percent of the world’s population, up from .06 percent.

(more and slides)

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