Credit for College – Two Weeks in Romania !!!

O idee excelentă pe care o aștept de câțiva ani de zile ! Copii de emigranți sau americani dornici să călătorească în Europa sunt așteptați de români cu această ofertă minunată. Ar fi bine să o discute și cei din RBYA.

Dear brother Daniel,

My name is Laurentiu Culda, I am a Master Student at Emanuel University of Oradea, and Project Manager at Eurojourny. I would like to present you an opportunity we have this summer for young people and students from the USA.

Eurojourny is a company that organize study abroad/travel programs for American students. The program we organize this summer is called “The Beauty of a Nation”.

The Beauty of a Nation program consists of two weeks (15-29th of June, 2015) in which we discover and study more about Romanian history and culture.

We’ll start by visiting Romania’s western cities like Timisoara (refered in the past as the “Little Vienna”), Arad and Oradea (with impressive Secession Architecture and the well known hot springs). We will then go in the northern part of the country and visit Satu Mare (with a very beautiful restored fortress and a palace, nearby) and Sighet, in Maramures County (Ranked by National Geographic in the top 20 destination to visit in 2015

In Sighet and it’s surroundings we’ll visit “Memorialul Durerii” – a prison from the communist

era that is now a museum, The Romanian Village Museum and the Happy Cemetery (the only one of its kind in the world). Then we’ll go deeper in the heart of Maramures to discover more about the stunning local traditions, architecture and culture. We will visit the Wooden Churches from Barsana (part of the UNESCO World Heritage) and other villages, famous for preserving ancient traditions (like Breb and Vadu Izei).

On the way back we will visit two other beautiful and vibrant cities: Baia Mare and Cluj Napoca (the secont largest city in Romania and a former capital of Transylvania).

In all of this trips we will be accompanied by local experts and professors that will teach us more about the places we visit. At the end of these two weeks the students will get international academic credits from our educational partner, Emanuel University of Oradea. The students can use this credits for their University or College degrees. The program will be in English.

We are a christian based business and our educational partner is also a Baptist University, the only accredited conservative Baptist University in Europe. We want to provide a healthy spiritual environment for the students that will take part in this amazing trip so they can grow closer to God while meeting new people and discovering new cultures.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I would also like to hear your feedback about our initiative. We are committed to learn constantly and improve our services. If you find it suitable, we can send you more materials to publish on your blog or social accounts.

Many blessings,

Laurentiu Culda
PM Eurojourny

Griffiths School of Management
Emanuel University of Oradea
mobile: 0744317341

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  1. We expect in Arad

  2. Reblogged this on Ecouri and commented:
    O inițiativă pe care o susțin din cel puțin două motive: 1. pentru că mi se pare o idee excelentă și 2. pentru că cel care o derulează e fratele meu. 😀


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  2. Pentru tinerii interesați de cursurile anunțate în România | B a r z i l a i – e n – D a n

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