Unde ne sunt bisericile bune ?

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Churches are everywhere. So why is it so difficult to find a good one? There are many towns and cities void of even one Bible-teaching, gospel-proclaiming, disciple-making church. There are several reasons good churches are so rare today.

1. Leaders are entrepreneurs, not shepherds.

Recent decades have given rise to an abundance of maverick churches led by entrepreneurial pastors with grandiose visions. They approach the pulpit not as shepherds of God’s flock, but as CEOs executing corporate strategies for their personal brands. That model is a stark departure from the New Testament’s job description for pastors and church leaders, but its popularity is pervasive in U.S. churches and it’s sadly been exported around the world.

2. Leaders prize pragmatism, not preaching.

Another factor that makes finding a good church difficult is the widespread lack of doctrinal conviction and commitment. Postmodernism dictates that we don’t hold too tightly to one truth, one moral standard, or one way of thinking. And as that mindset further infiltrates the church, many shepherds are exposing their own wavering convictions to the very people they are called to protect and defend. Doctrinal statements are altered or simply ignored, as churches prize pragmatism and popularity over faithfully preaching the truth of God’s Word.

3. Pragmatic entrepreneurs do not produce mature disciples.

Finally, many believers struggle to find a church because they are confused about what constitutes a good church in the first place. The prevalence of unqualified teachers and a weak commitment to the truth have left a generation of Christians spiritually undernourished. They sense their need for faithful teaching and caring leadership but they lack the discernment and wisdom to identify such a church. They simply don’t know what to look for.

In the following video, John MacArthur answers one of the many questions we’ve received lately about what to look for in a church. His answer sheds much-needed light on many of the critical issues facing the church today.

The quality of a church is inextricably tied to the quality of its leaders. Yet the evangelical landscape is overrun with CEOs, self-help gurus, stand-up comedians, and motivational speakers masquerading as pastors. While the world looks for leaders with skills and charisma, the church must focus on the biblical qualifications for church leaders.

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  1. Draga John Ch
    Retransmit mesajul tău tuturor cititorilor. Se oferă cineva ?

  2. Pe zi ce trece apreciez mai mult si mai mult activitatea crestina virtuala a D-tra care constituie o hrana spirituala consistenta, ziditoare si bine ancorata in cuvantul lui Dumnezeu. Dar in acelasi timp imi exprim regretul si eu pentru tot ceace pierd din cauza ca nu cunosc limba engleza si-n special cea biblica in suficienta masura ca sa savurez ideile adinci ascunse in taina cuvintelor de mare valoare concentrate foarte consistent in articolele Domniei voastre. M-asi permite sa va sugerez ca sa gasiti o tertza persoana care ar face serviciul de translatare in dulcea noastra limba materna romana astfel ca sa nu fim vitregiti de bucuria savurarii acestor cuvinte valoroase.Va multumesc anticipat ca va vetzi gandi la o posibila solutzie. Domnul sa va binecuvinteze si sa va rasplateasca toata osteneala. Mult har si pace sfanta.

  3. sunt tare tista nu inteleg enleza

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