Da, copiii mor în Gaza, dar cine e de vină?

Politics: Israel’s U.S. Ambassador appears on CNN – destroys CNN’s biased reporting

Image Credit: This is CNN

Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday July 25th, 2014

Robert Laurie

This is what “fed up” looks like. 


CNN’s rampant, inarguable bias is nothing new. After all, the network was founded by Ted Turner and used to be not-so-lovingly referred to as “The Clinton News Network.” Its roots are far left and, if there’s one thing the far left can’t stand, it’s Israel.

So it’s little surprise that when the station talks about the most recent Gaza dust-up, they tend to leave out facts that support Israel’s cause.

Unfortunately, when your guest is Ron Dermer, that tends to blow up in your face.  Dermer is the Israeli ambassador to the United States, and he didn’t feel like letting CNN’s bias slide during a recent appearance.  Instead of doing the usual news-guest dance, he ripped into the network’s unwillingness to report the facts.

Dermer appeared with host Erin Burnett, who was grilling the Ambassador on the destruction of a UN School.

 “I do know who’s responsible for it, and that’s Hamas – because they’re using schools as weapons depots.

And I think it would be a disservice to your viewers for a reporter from Gaza not to mention that in the last week we had two different UNRWA schools where we had actually rockets found -in the schools – and handed over to Hamas.”

Burnett interrupted “These are two different UN schools you’re saying?”

Dermer then launched into a blistering assault on CNN’s lazy reporting:

 “That’s correct. That’s publicly available information. And it’s kind of an important fact for your reporter to mention.

In addition to that he may have wanted to mention a statement that was made by – not by the Israeli Ambassador, not by the spokesman of the IDF, but by the UN Secretary General Yesterday. Not last year, yesterday.

He said that ‘the secretary general is alarmed to hear that rockets were placed at an UNRWA school in Gaza, and that subsequently these have gone missing. He expresses his outrage and regret at the placing of weapons in a UN administered school. By doing so…’

Now listen, Erin, to exactly what he said – ‘those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets and endangering the lives of innocent children…’

This is yesterday.

Do you not think that it’s relevant to report on CNN that the Secretary General of the United Nations yesterday warned against the use of UN schools and shelter for rocket missile depots of Hamas?”

The host admitted that, just maybe, that was worth reporting. Dermer fired back

“Well, Erin, I’ve been listening to two hours of reports on CNN.  I’ve seen split screens of horrible pictures – horrible pictures that any decent human being would be horrified by. I have not heard a single person say what I’ve just said to you now.”

Burnett tries to continue with the standard CNN talking points, but things don’t go well for her.  Dermer holds the line and continues to torch CNN’s obviously one-sided reports.  …and good for him.  It’s about time people stopped buying into the mountain of false premises offered by left-leaning media outlets.

As I said above, this bias is nothing new.  However it’s nice to see someone who refuses to tolerate it.

We should probably be grateful CNN isn’t running a nightly installment of “why America and its allies are always wrong” – and, before you ask, no. That wasn’t the name of Piers Morgan’s talk show.

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  1. Israel suntem cu tine si te iubim ,te sustinem din Romania….Mai presus de toti si toate Dumnezeu este cu tine IsraEl….Nu te teme.

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