7 Ways Putin is Playing 3D Chess While Obama is Figuring Out Checkers

Un teoretician naiv și un politician practic

Obama With Putin Funny Pictures 2 - Copy - Copy

Oh, international relations. It’s a place hostile to the naive pretensions of idealists who believe they can “change the world” with mere lofty rhetoric and a charismatic smile. Spend any time in the statesman’s chair navigating the ship of state through the murky, shark-infested waters of global disorder and one learns quickly that strength is the coin of the realm, while weakness invites mischief.

Here are 7 ways that show that Obama and Hillary’s “reset” button (comically mistranslated as an “overcharge” button) is the perfect symbol for the U.S.’ misguided and amateurish foreign policy.

1. ABM defense in Poland & Czech Republic scrapped in cave-in to Russia


“In one of the biggest national security reversals of his young presidency, Mr. Obama canceled former President George W. Bush’s plans to station a radar facility in the Czech Republic and 10 ground-based interceptors in Poland.” –New York Times

2. Hands off Syria & what was that about a “red line”?

Obama-vs-Putin-Syria-Red-Line--111705“When Barack Obama warned Vladimir Putin that ‘there will be costs’ for violating Ukrainian sovereignty, I doubt the Kremlin worried too much. The Syria crisis taught is all about Obama and his ‘red lines’. This is a president who recoils at the idea  of any new entanglement, whose attention is on the Pacific rather than Eurasia and is less worried than any of his recent predecessors about Russian aggression.” – Spectator

3. No strong opposition to Russia’s invasion of Crimea


“Former World Chess champion and political activist, Garry Kasparov, took to social media to express his outrage over Obama administrator’s assessment ofRussia’s presence in the Ukraine as a [sic] ‘uncontested arrival.’ He tweeted on Friday: ‘WHAT?! MT @stephenfhayes: Admin tell CNN’s this is an ‘uncontested arrival’ not necessarily ‘an invasion’ & that this distinction is ‘key.’” – Washington Times

4. Nuclear disarmament/inspections – really favorable towards Russia


As a part of his infinitely naive and dangerous Global Nuclear Zero, which would supposedly eliminate the nuclear weapons that have preserved “the long peace” after World War II, Obama signed a new START treaty. The disadvantageous treaty dramatically cuts U.S. nuclear arms forces, while simultaneously greenlighting a Russian initiative to maintain and modernize its own nuclear stockpiles. Putin is now threatening to withdraw from START inspections over the Crimean conflict; but the U.S. should quit START anyway in light of Russian aggression. But Obama won’t.

5. Deporting Anna Chapman spy ring without questioning in exchange for  (click)

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  1. oare ia pus dumnezeu lui putin un crlig in falci..de exemplu la un taur dacai pui in nas veriga care i-l duci unde vrei..nu-i departe prorocia dela ezechel..!mesecul si rtubalul..si meaza noapte..!

  2. fereasca dumnezeu..!-sa zice daca dumnezeu vrea sa pedepseasca o tara ia mintea inparatului risia presedintele putin cine cauta cu lumnarea gaseste..cine seamana vant va secera furtuna..!

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