Fata mea, Sarah, mi-a trimis un articol

Hey, What’s All That Stuff In The Water. Let’s Look Closer…A Little Closer… WHAT?!

If you were flying over a body of water, looked down, and saw this, you probably wouldn’t know what to think. Until you either flew a little lower or got out some binoculars.

That’s exactly what happened over Lake Nakura in Kenya. When looking closer and closer, the reality of what was being seen was revealed. And it’s AWESOME.

What you might not know about flamingos is that sometimes they gather in colonies to sift for their favorite type of algae together in water. And sometimes there can be thousands or millions of these birds. Their sheer numbers will blow your mind.

Source: reddit.com

And that’s what 1.5 million flamingos standing around together looks like. Share this article and impress your friends with your knowledge of pink birds.

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  1. Reblogged this on agnus dei – english + romanian blog and commented:
    articolul acesta de la Daniel Branzei se potriveste la seria nosatra’COPLESIT de CREATIA lui DUMNEZEU’. Niste minunatii!!! Intrati la link si vedeti mai multe poze.

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