Mă duc să-i văd în Australia

Iată un articol despre una din bisericile pe care mă duc să le vizitez în Australia. Suntem, în America și în Australia, pe același drum al integrarii în societățile în care am emigrat:

Intentional Ministry

Two examples of QB churches who are seeking to meet the needs of their local communities through intentional ministries can be found in the latest qb magazine (pages 18-19, The qb, October 2012).

Sending a clear message

Over lunch in the Brisbane CBD, QB Regional Consultant, Emil Rahimov, spoke with David Toma, Pastor at the Bethel Romanian Baptist Church in Kingston, Brisbane. The church has recently made significant changes to their ministry in order to be more intentional in reaching their community.

‘David, you were born in Australia of Romanian parents and now you are pastoring a Romanian church. Are you more Romanian or Australian?’

‘Definitely Australian. We spoke English at home, and I grew up in this country. Romanian is certainly a strong part of my heritage, and it was within the Romanian community that I heard the call of Christ and answered his call to ministry. I love the Romanian community, but I am more Australian. In fact, I have never been to Romania and Australia is my home.’

‘But you preach in Romanian?’

‘Yes, I do. But native Romanian speakers easily recognise my accent (and my many grammatical errors) when I speak Romanian. However, I mainly preach in English since we introduced English services in our church.’

‘Tell me a bit more about that? How come you preach in English in a Romanian church?’

‘Well, the church was originally founded to reach out to the Romanian community in Brisbane. There are lots of people in Brisbane who are of Romanian background, but as children in Romanian families are raised here in Australia, English is becoming the dominant language for the younger generation. Our ability to effectively minister to the younger generation was limited by holding services only in Romanian.’

‘So what happened?’

‘We decided to have evening services in English. Firstly to minister to the Romanian youth whose first language is English, but also so we could invite our friends and community. We have tried to ensure that we don’t use English only as a means to maintain our own, but as a means to extend the kingdom.’

‘How is that going now? Can we say that the English service is the integral part of Bethel Romanian?’

‘Yes, it is an integral part of our church, and all our evening services are (more here)

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  1. Bunicii lui sunt din banatul sarbesc, dar au vorbit bine romaneste. Ei au trecut la Domnul, dar cei dinspre mama inca traiesc in Melbourne. Gavril Crisan


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