Creștini evoluționiști?

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Should Christians Embrace Evolution?

Should Christians Embrace Evolution

Should Christians embrace evolution? It is an increasingly urgent question and one that seems increasingly difficult to answer. Like you, I have grown accustomed to hearing Christians declare that, in the end, it doesn’t really matter a whole lot what you believe about creation, whether you embrace a literal six-day creation or a version that allows for some kind of evolution. If only it was that simple. The fact is that there are many other doctrines that lean heavily upon the doctrine of creation. As this one topples and falls, many other crumble along side it.

Just a couple of weeks ago WORLD magazine declared Should Christians Embrace Evolution? their book of the year for 2011. I received the book just days after and eagerly opened it up to see what the fuss was all about. What I found is a book that offers a series of biblical and scientific responses to the question of evolution. Edited by Norman Nevin, the chapters are written by a list of distinguished scientists and theologians.(restul aici)

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  1. Shalom !

    In niciun caz !! Chiar trebuie sa se intample si in SUA ? In Germania EKD nu mai are nicio reticenta in acest sens, fratii nostri evanghelici germani chiar se mandresc cu o asemenea ” emancipare . ”
    Sa fereasca Dumnezeu Biserica din Romania de o asa deturnare de la Adevarul curat al Scripturii.

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