Eliberare spre robie

O lucrare de exceptie, un studiu care trebuie sa ne dea mult de gandit. Vi-l supun atentiei si astept comentariile voastre:

This chart is based on representative population surveys taken from the World Values Surveys. This project analyzes ordinary people’s basic value orientations in life, from family values to work motivations to political orientations. As extensive analyses of these data have shown, people’s basic value orientations are strongly shaped by their national context, manifesting national value profiles. The variation between these national value profiles can be summarized to only two major dimensions. One of them runs from traditional religious values in the South to rational secular values in the North of the map. The other runs from conformist survival values in the West to emancipative self expression values in the East of the map.

Modernization, Cultural Change and Democracy: The Human Develpment Sequence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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  1. Am inceput in ianuarie sa scriu un devotional pe http://ganditorul.wordpress.com, devotional ce urmareste planul de citire a Bibliei intr-un an. As vrea sa stiu opinia dvs. despre acest demers si despre felul in care a decurs pana acum. Va multumesc!

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