🗝 Ascultați și răspândiți: Trump 2020 A Man vs. A Movement

If there’s one video Americans need to watch before voting in the 2020 presidential race, this is it, says talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

It features Thomas Klingenstein, the chairman of the board of the Claremont Institute, Limbaugh said Tuesday of the 17-minute video.

“It’s not flashy. It doesn’t have massive production values. It’s nothing like that. It’s just one man and his legitimate reasons for Trump and his deadly, deathful fear of what this country faces if Trump loses,” he said.

“He goes through his explanation of what this election is really all about, what America faces. One of the most fascinating things that Mr. Klingenstein points out, is he actually says that in normal times he wouldn’t even think of voting for this man. Now, don’t take that as a negative,” Limbaugh said. “Do not think you’ve got a Never Trumper here who’s changed his mind. It’s not that at all. He’s just being honest with you. In normal times, he wouldn’t think of voting for Trump. But he believes these are not normal times. He, in fact, says that in these times, Donald Trump is the only man who can save this country, is the only man who can do what is necessary to preserve the American way of life,” said Limbaugh.

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