Simon Sinek: CHANGE YOUR FUTURE – Life Changing Motivational Speech – YouTube

Lesson one: You can go after whatever you want, you just cannot deny anyone else to go after what they want. You don’t have to do it the way everybody has done it.

Lesson two: Sometimes you are the problem. You can take all the credit in the world for things that you do right, as long as you also take responsibility for the things you do wrong.

Lesson three: Take care of each other. If you wanna be a lead worrier, you must be really really good at helping the person to the left of you and helping the person to the right of you.

Lesson four: Be the last that speaks. It gives everyone the feeling, that they have been heard. And it gives you the benefit of hearing the others before you take action. Understand what they are saying.

Lesson five: As you gain for example position, people will treat you better. None of that is for you, it’s for your position. It’s for the level you have achieved of leader. Be grateful for them, but remember. They are not for you

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