Bed Bug Spray On “Steroids” Protects Your Family Without Toxic Chemicals?

Am avut o adevărată infestație de mici creaturi care ne-au dat mari bătăi de cap anul acesta. Mi-ar fi prins bine să am articolul acesta, dar nu l-am avut. Îl afișez aici pentru viitoare referințe.

“My husband and I thought we were going to wind up losing more than we did when a neighbor in our building brought her hitchhikers with her. She’d come to our apartment to visit and I’d go to hers to help her out. I always got up and gave her my chair out of respect because she was older. When she’d come over she had to use her wheeled walker with a seat. After a while I noticed she didn’t want to sit in my chair anymore and I didn’t understand why.

I’d seen a few bugs, in different stages of the life-cycle, in our house but thought they were a new strain of a cockroach. 


Several times my husband said he thought that bugs were coming in our apartment from around the air-conditioner/heater units in the living and bed room. During this time we received a flyer that management was putting out about the bed bug issue and the signs to look for.

Bed bugs? What were bed bugs? 

I’d heard the term before but never been subjected to or seen any. So I never thought twice about it or those couple of bugs I’d killed in the house. I now lived in public housing and just thought they were a part of living here. Then the bites began and I began to scratch my arms and legs from these little bites I had. Soon I had sores from scratching so hard. I had no idea what was going on.

My husband had seen a few as well. He was getting a few bites but nothing like me.

During this time we received a flyer that management was putting out about the bed bug issue and the signs to look for. My husband suggested that this is what was causing the bites. So I do what I do best, I started doing research online about what bed bugs were and how to get rid of them. The main way they kill these insects is through extreme heat and that means packing up anything made from plastic in your house. 

So I set out to find out what I could do to get rid of the vermin and found your site. I chose it because it was pet friendly since we had a Chihuahua and we didn’t want him sick. It was guaranteed to work or my money back. You had many happy customer reviews on your site. It was either pack up what I had to and sleep somewhere for a few nights at my own cost or get your product.

Then came the realization that they were still coming from somewhere. 

The two recliners in the living room. We couldn’t afford to just go out and buy new furniture after throwing these out. If we were going to do that, then we needed to go ahead and buy a new mattress and box springs. We felt fairly assured there weren’t anymore in the bedroom so we threw out the chairs first. Still spraying everything. (I even sprayed myself down with your spray before going somewhere with my mom for fear of sharing the gift that had been given to us.) We then through out the mattress and box springs after going to buy new ones. We sprayed everything new with the spray as they came in the door.

Now, why didn’t we just do that in the beginning before ordering your product? Because when you’re poor you have to do things in steps. Once we started spraying and washing the clothes with the laundry detergent they started disappearing and didn’t see any adults anymore. Every once in awhile we’d see a baby bed bug moving slow. I have no doubt we’d eventually would have gotten rid of all of them by just using Say Bye Bugs but I couldn’t take the bites and my dog not wanting to get in my lap because of these nasty things.

I never in my life would’ve thought that my husband and I would ever have to deal with us but we had to. We have one of the cleanest, uncluttered apartments you’d ever seen. That was the first thing my mom said. You see, it doesn’t matter how clean your house or how well you keep your laundry up, if a bed bug wants to invade it will. I think with your product and the fact we keep our house so clean, it’s the only reason we’re not still dealing with them. Thank you again.

Thank you,
Denise L. C.”

Official website:

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