Rugăciune pentru Santorum

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‘Lord, direct Rick’s steps as he campaigns for president’

Published: 1 day ago


Texas pastors who listened to GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Rick Santorum talk about the life and liberty goals of his campaign before ending the meeting gathered around him, placed their hands on his shoulders and prayed for God’s direction in his work.

“We thank you for the grace and goodness that motivates Rick Santorum to run for president,” a pastor who led the group prayed. “We thank you for the goodness and grace of pastors in this room who are motivated to seek your kingdom first.”

“Lord, we pray that you would direct Rick’s steps as he campaigns for president.”

After winning the Iowa caucuses, Santorum fell back into the pack of GOP contenders. A few short weeks ago then, a meeting of top conservatives from around the country assembled in Texas and picked Santorum as their choice for the 2012 race against Barack Obama.

His campaign continued its ups and downs until this week, when he stunned GOP observers, sweeping to Continue reading